How old do you have to be to buy mistic e cigs?

Question by Alex: How old do you have to be to buy mistic e cigs?
I just bought an e cig kit from Walmart and got asked for my id I am only 19 and I got destracted by a customer asking where I worked while I showed my id I swiped my card and left, I tried to visit the website to learn more about it and I had to be 21. Did I accidentally steal the kit? If so I need to know so I can return it and apologize

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Answer by Stephanie
21, But the cashier probably didn’t even catch the age gap, they probably thought you had to be 18, like to buy regular cigarettes. When I worked at a store I would look at someones id but then put in my own birthday just bc it was easier, and I know a lot of cashiers do that… It just speeds up the process of having to copy down their birth date into the computer.

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  1. clara says

    Ecig is treat as tobacco product by the FDA. if the legal age for smoking in your stage is 21, then you need to be 21 to buy e cig

    I wouldn’t say you stole the kit. You swiped the card and they charged you card right? If yes, that means you paid for the kit. If the cashier failed to stop you, it is their problem, not yours