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The world of smoking was changed forever with the introduction of the E Cig. It has been called nice things like “the next generation of smoking”. Manufacturers also claim it can help a person quit smoking, and still smoke.

The E Cig uses liquid nicotine cartridges and an electric vaporizer. A small battery inside the body of the E Cig heats a coil inside of it that turns the liquid nicotine into nicotine vapor. So smokers get the nicotine they crave, without all the harmful additions that came with smoking tobacco.

There are many obvious advantages to the E Cigarette.

Smoking tobacco can seriously damage the lungs and cause many other major health complications. The E Cig has no tobacco in it at all, so it doesn't contain the ingredients found in a traditional smoke that might harm or damage the lungs.

All that comes out of the E Cigarette is vapor that quickly disappears.

Many smokers find that smoking has become so habitual that they cannot function without a cigarette nearby. The E Cig can provide these people with a safer alternative than the pack a day habit that many smokers admit to.

As a smoking cessation device, the E Cig has many promising possibilities, as long as the person wants to quit, and can get the help they need.

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  1. Justin Proctor says

    The video didn’t say marijuana wasn’t safe….Are you watching the same video ?

  2. Justin Proctor says

    Blu is not the safest. I am not saying it isnt safe but there are many e-cigs on the market with the same quality product. If Blu says it is safer than others they are lying. Research e-cigs a little and you will see. Also blu does not offer a satisfying vape compared to others IMO.

  3. Justin Proctor says

    Why should i watch this before using e-cigs. Another misleading title. E-cigs are the future. Read the studies and you will see. 4 ingredients, PG/VG used in food produce and nicotine. Nicotine speeds up your heart but no worse than caffeine. Only downside is dry mouth. Don’t trust the media, read independent studies and learn from them. Yes there are downsides to vaping but they are still a 95% better than smoking. Message me for more info, happy to help.

  4. Daniel Redeffer says

    Blu, you mean the same e cig that is owned by the same company that makes Newport Cigarettes? Try out Halo e cigs! I have the triton and it’s amazing!! if you don’t like mods that don’t look like an actual cigarette, try the Halo G6.

  5. zackary ampuero says

    i heard u can get canser from sertent ones i perfer blu becouse it is the saffest

  6. Michael Chang says

    Hi, this video looks good. This is Michael from Feellife Bioscience International Co., Ltd in Shenzhen, CHINA. We are a leading professional e-liquid and electronic cigarette manufacturer integrating R/D, production, marketing and after-sales into unit. Hope we could have further talk. My skype: michael.feellife Email: Thanks.

  7. SolariEcho says

    Agree, I tried some pretty nasty e-cigs at first, the flavors that V2 sells are disgusting, but I sort of liked the vanilla Blu ecig so I knew there had to be better juices out there… then I began to find really good flavors I enjoy and discovered vaporizers and whatnot instead of just using a cartridge based ecig.

    It really is something people need to research some into and experiment with. A online store called “pink spot vapors” has really good flavors I’ve been buying from now.

  8. Quick209 says

    I will also say try the correct one. Example, me and a coworker tried the Blu. Both me and him felt it was very lacking. He has gone completely back to smoking. I started to but then another coworker introduced me to the more bigger ones, the Ego. I was sold. I have yet to get my coworker who is smoking again to try mine. I will not give up though. He will try it one day, hopefully, and be sold and then he can stop walking around coughing and having respiratory issues.

  9. SolariEcho says

    I don’t agree with it being illegal. It should at least be decriminalized. But as for e-cigs, they’ll save countless of lives, it would be foolish for smokers to not at least try a e-cigarette, give it a chance.

  10. Fred Martinez says

    hiLove eCigarKit com it has all of my favotite vapes The electronic cigarette industry is flooded with inferior made smoke juice from overseas; eCigarKit com has the best American made products Check it out

  11. blucigscouponcode says

    “v2 best e cig in the market hands down” have you tried at least 10 diff others to make this comment ?

  12. Craig Craigs says

    Want to save 15% comparing to V2 Cigs,,,,Use Coupon Code “Lazyafternoons” for 15% off your purchase.,,,,. v2cigs….com

  13. ltetobago says

    Thnx for responding, got mine on Mon and I love them, menthol full and vanilla med..glad I ran into your vids

  14. RYan Dalton says

    Am in florida and there base company is in Miami, i think that might of helped me out

  15. RYan Dalton says

    sorry to get back to so late , v2 cigs is a more advanced brand then blu and njoy , those company’s lack in the draw and vapor department, 18 can seem very strong, and v2 also states that u should start on a med 12 , and go from there, also on the really hot vapor , is the taste bad or burned ? that could be a bad batch of carts , you should call there customer service they will help you with it step by step and if that doesnt work they should be able to switch out your carto’s,

  16. RYan Dalton says

    am using 18, and 12 ,but yea you can start at either a high amount or low amount of nicotine and go down over time , or when u feel u can move down.I haven’t smoked since i started about 8 or 9 months ago , i smoked marlboro reds n lights for 7 years , and dont plan on ever going back :)

  17. ltetobago says

    Thnx, I smoked 1/2 pk a dy then stopped with Chantix in 08, smoked 1 blk n mild daily nd now about 5 Newport a dy..I hate smoking, was going to try Blu but will def try much nicotine is in yours? Was wondering if I could slowly use less over time? And have you smoked since? Thnx I’m so excited to try this