Q&A: what are the chances of my e cig cartridge leaking e juice?

Question by Jake: what are the chances of my e cig cartridge leaking e juice?
I just got my v2 e cig and i have heard storie about some e cigs having leaking cartridges and that the liquid can make you sick if injested. Does anyone how likely it is this will happen to me?

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Answer by Vishwa Jay
It can make you sick, because nicotine is a toxin. The concentration of nicotine in the cartridges can be lethal to those who come in contact with more than a drop or two, and can make you violently nauseous and have heart palpitations if you come into contact with lesser amounts. Nicotine overdose is actually a cause of death for over 1000 people per year–and that data comes from 2006, before e-cigarettes were really even something anyone had heard of (mostly people who worked in tobacco fields, but also people who concentrated nicotine for experimentation). In its pure form, it’s really pretty poisonous stuff.

But the fact is, the “leaky cartridge” story tends to only happen with damaged machinery and careless people who don’t clean or otherwise maintain the mechanisms. They are pretty tough, but when they take damage, they should stop being trusted.

About once every 4-6 cartridges, you should remove the battery, gently wash the threads and internal parts with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, and inspect it closely for damage (which should be obvious if you just look carefully), and allowing it to dry for at least 10 minutes (to ensure that all of the liquid evaporates). Then put the battery back in, reload the cartridge, and you’re in business!

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