T-Juice, one of Europes leading E Liquid manufacturers is looking for new premises to cater for larger bottling facility

(PRWEB) April 11, 2012

T-juice, the UKs new exciting start up making e liquid for electronic cigarettes is looking for new premises, as their existing space is now too small to accommodate their new bottling machine. Last month T-Juice invested in a new semi automatic bottling machine from China to speed up their process and get a more accurate delivery of e liquid. At present, they use a totally manual method which takes a lot of time and effort to get the right amount in every bottle. E Liquid is becoming more popular in the UK as tobacco smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is a healthier and more sociable alternative to tobacco smoking, which is one of the reasons this is habitual change is occurring. T-Juice has now created thirteen premium e liquid flavours and is planning to expand the range with a flavour a month.

We never anticipated the amount of interest we have had in our e liquid. From the start we have had sales pouring in from not just the UK but all over Europe, even some enquiries from the US! The manual system we now have in place is great but very labour intensive, so last month we purchased a semi automatic bottling machine from China. Now it is time to get new and larger premises to accommodate a separate contained bottling area. We are also on the lookout for a new production manager to cope with the increased demand. commented Nigel Richards of T-Juice.

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The world of smoking was changed forever with the introduction of the E Cig. It has been called nice things like “the next generation of smoking”. Manufacturers also claim it can help a person quit smoking, and still smoke.

The E Cig uses liquid nicotine cartridges and an electric vaporizer. A small battery inside the body of the E Cig heats a coil inside of it that turns the liquid nicotine into nicotine vapor. So smokers get the nicotine they crave, without all the harmful additions that came with smoking tobacco.

There are many obvious advantages to the E Cigarette.

Smoking tobacco can seriously damage the lungs and cause many other major health complications. The E Cig has no tobacco in it at all, so it doesn't contain the ingredients found in a traditional smoke that might harm or damage the lungs.

All that comes out of the E Cigarette is vapor that quickly disappears.

Many smokers find that smoking has become so habitual that they cannot function without a cigarette nearby. The E Cig can provide these people with a safer alternative than the pack a day habit that many smokers admit to.

As a smoking cessation device, the E Cig has many promising possibilities, as long as the person wants to quit, and can get the help they need.

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