Rochester NY – Aware Bear Computer Repair Pittsford NY

Aware Bear Computer Repair Pittsford NY is a Rochester NY based company. Rochester NY is located in Upstate NY, one hour away from Niagara Falls NY and about five hours from New York City. Aware Bear Computers, Xerox, Kodak are a few examples of successful companies that started in Rochester NY.  In the last 100 years Rochester NY has been a technology hub in the computers, medical and printing  fields.

Aware Bear Computers offers professional IT and computer services for all the greater Rochester area. Aware Bear specializes in Apple / Mac diagnostics and services in Rochester NY, HP laptop and desktop service and repair in Rochester NY, DELL repair and upgrades in Rochester NY, Toshiba and Sony laptop sales in Rochester NY and custom built computers featuring the latest Intel and AMD hardware in Rochester NY.

Aware Bear Computers also recycles old and unwanted computers, desktops, notebooks and laptops in Rochester NY. Aware Bear Computers main goal is to keep all old electronics away from our landfills. Computers and electronics have circuit boards that have lead and mercury, once they end up at a landfill these harmful metals can contaminate the Rochester NY water supply.

Many places around Rochester NY charge to recycle your old and unwanted computers, printers, lcd, led monitors, laptops, desktops and notebooks. Aware Bear Computers 5 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford NY offers free computer recycling for the greater Rochester community.

Aware Bear Computers also specializes in computer repair in Rochester NY, computer service in Rochester NY and computer solutions in Rochester NY. Pittsford is a suburb of Rochester NY; Aware Bear Computers is just a short drive from downtown Rochester NY.

Support your local businesses! Is Aware Bear Computers a national franchise? The Aware Bear Computers store gets that question all the time.

The answer is no, Aware Bear Computers started in Rochester NY and is locally owned and operated. At the moment Aware Bear Computers has no plans of going national or becoming a huge multimillion dollar company.  Aware Bear Computers likes to stay local and at a manageable size. We know our customers by name and have a relationship with them.  In many cases we run into them at the Pittsford Wegmans, Next Door Bar and Grill, at the Pittsford NY Public Library, Summer Festivals and just around Pittsford NY.

For all your computer sales, service or advice comes see the friendly staff at Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford NY. Aware Bear Computers phone number is (585)473-7035. Before you decide to replace or repair your computer, notebook or laptop in Rochester NY, get a first or second opinion by Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford NY.

At Aware Bear Computers we understand your computer needs, we know your computer already looks and customized in a way that works for you. If we can fix your PC or Mac we will do it, we know how hard it is to reload all your programs and have to learn a new version of Windows or even having to switch between a Windows machine to an Apple / Mac operating system.

If you upgraded your OS X 10.6 to OS X 10.7 in Rochester NY, Aware Bear Computers Apple / Mac specialists can help you with any need or issues you may be having during the OS X transition. In a few weeks Aware Bear Computers will be posting a complete review about the new OS X Lion in Rochester NY.


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