Former Director of Action on Smoking and Health Endorses E-Cigarettes

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 10 November 2012

In a wide-ranging interview with Paul Bergen of the Ashtray Blog, Clive Bates, a former director of UK charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), has endorsed electronic cigarettes along with other forms of tobacco harm reduction as an alternative to smoking, stating:

They are all vastly less hazardous as a way of consuming nicotine and, unlike smoking, have negligible risks or risks that are not out of line with other lifestyle risks we routinely accept.

However, Clive was highly critical of the current approach to electronic cigarettes and other low risk alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

In particular, he lashed out at other public health groups who opposed e-cigarettes, claiming that they had:

…taken a cavalier attitude to the evidence and ethics of harm reduction, and seem to show no empathy or concern for the people they are supposedly trying to help.

He also criticised the attitude of the World Health Organisation, claiming that it ignored the real world needs of smokers and had either ignored or selectively quoted advice from its own advisory committees.

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Clive Bates was the Director of London-based campaigning organisation Action on Smoking and Health from 1997 to 2003. He no longer works professionally in the public health field and specialises in energy and the environment. He has no conflicting interests or affiliations in health organisations, pharmaceutical companies or the tobacco industry, but continues to take a personal interest in public health policy. In this interview, he is speaking strictly in a personal capacity and not for his employers past or present.

Paul Bergen is a well-known figure in tobacco harm reduction with many years experience as a former leading researcher at the University of Alberta Tobacco Harm Reduction Group. He also writes for the Ashtray Blog, which covers electronic cigarette and tobacco harm reduction news.

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