3 Things You Must Know About E-Cigarettes

3 Things You Must Know About E-Cigarettes
An illustration showing how e-cigarettes work. Source: Winningjaguar.com. Supporters believe that the e-cigarette can help smokers eventually quit smoking, since the physical stimuli are more similar to those of actual smoking than nicotine gum and …
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Web Extra: Risks & Benefits of E-Cigarettes
We spoke with Dr. Alberto de Hoyos, director of robotic and minimally invasive thoracic surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, about the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes. What is an e-cigarette and how do they work? E-cigarettes deliver nicotine …
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Thinking About Quitting Smoking? Try These Tips!

If you hope to stop smoking, you need to have a personal desire to quit. Think about the many ways you will benefit from quitting. Some of those benefits are no doubt worth the effort of quitting. You can improve the health of you and your loved ones, spend far less money, lower your chances of getting lung cancer, and just look and feel a whole lot better. Keep reading to find out more about the most efficient methods to quit smoking.

If you want to quit smoking, the word for you is “No”. Every time you’re tempted you have to disallow yourself the ability to say “Yes” to a cigarette. If your only answer is “No” you’ll find that you can’t cave in to a craving. No cigarettes, no “Maybe”, leads to no smoking!

If you are worried about gaining weight as you begin to quit, then you should try to incorporate a moderate exercise regimen into your daily routine to help curb any weight gain that you might experience. Exercise is the best way to prevent any weight gain from your quitting.

You may want to think about trying nicotine replacements. Nicotine withdrawal can lead you feeling restless, irritable, frustrated or depressed. Cravings such as these are distracting and overwhelming. Nicotine-replacement therapy can help with these feelings. Studies show that nicotine gum, lozenges or patches can increase people’s success when quitting. Don’t use these products if you’re currently smoking.

Commit yourself totally to your decision to quit smoking. If you are determined to quit smoking then put your whole soul into the effort. Announce to family and close friends that you are quitting and need support. Write down your specific goals and make them as detailed as you can. Also write down your individual reasons for quitting. Post both lists where you can easily see them – like the bathroom mirror. Join a support group and attend meetings, whether online or in person. Go all in and make this happen.

Be cognizant of routine activities that trigger the desire to have a smoke. For some, it is the first cup of coffee in the morning. For others it may be the end of a meal, or socializing with smoking friends. Whatever your trigger may be, this is the time you must remind yourself that you are quitting because you care enough about yourself that you want to.

Even when you feel overwhelmed, you must be diligent in your efforts to stop smoking. Keep you end goals in sight and your mind on your motivations. Follow the advice you read, so that you can stop smoking for good.

Im not sure about this Electronic Cigarette thing?

Question by : Im not sure about this Electronic Cigarette thing?
Okay, so my brother recently purchased a Electronic Cigarette, its called Blue and he said he got the one with No Nicotine… I still think it is harmful, am I right? I would really like to know if a non nicotine Blue E Cigarette is still harmful to the body, thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Jake
Its not harmful at all. And studys have shown that nicotine by itself isn’t harmful. It doesn’t taste or feel like a real cig though so its whatever.

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Thinking About Quitting Smoking? Try These Tips!

Smoking is not something most people are proud of. Many people would love to quit, but it is not an easy task. There are some proven tips that have helped many have success when kicking the habit. Read the following article and you will be closer to putting down the cigarettes.

Take up exercise to help you quit smoking. Exercising is wonderful for both your body and mind. It can help you to focus on the positive things in life, and keep you from thinking about that cigarette that you so dearly want. It is also a wonderful way to meet healthy people. When you’re around healthy people, it might just make you want to stay healthy too.

Try exercising or joining a gym to keep you from smoking, and to better your health. Exercising can help ease stress. If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle, start slow, such as taking leisurely walks every couple of days and building up from there. Always go to your physician before you start exercising.

If you find it too daunting to quit smoking cold-turkey, consider helping the process along by trying replacements like nicotine patches or gum. Using these nicotine-providing OTC products in conjunction with your own personal willpower will fight off the rough symptoms of withdrawal.

Be cognizant of routine activities that trigger the desire to have a smoke. For some, it is the first cup of coffee in the morning. For others it may be the end of a meal, or socializing with smoking friends. Whatever your trigger may be, this is the time you must remind yourself that you are quitting because you care enough about yourself that you want to.

If you’re a smoker who lights up more in social situations, plan ways to not join your friends for a cigarette when you’re out. While dining, stay at the table if your friends go outside for to smoke. If you’re at a party, if people are smoking, find a non-smoker to chat with. Finding ways to not be around smokers will make it easier for you to quit.

There are many things you can try to if you want to quit smoking. Even though it can be quite difficult, you can do it with some dedication and patience. Try the tips offered in this article and you can be on your way to finally say good-bye to smoking.

Thinking About Quitting Smoking For The First Time? Try These Tips!

Smoking is affecting your life in more ways than you may realize. In addition to staining your teeth and giving your clothing a putrid smell, it can change the way you look. It can also cause many serious health problems. You can reverse all of smoking’s negative effects if you stop. If you do not know what to do to quit, read this article.

In order to quit smoking successfully, ask for help from the people you see most. Having the support of family, friends, and co-workers can mean the difference between success and failure. Quitting any habit is difficult, especially one like smoking that is addictive. Make sure the people around you cheer you on and do not intentionally thwart your success.

To keep your hands and mouth busy while trying to quit smoking, keep crunchy vegetables like carrots or celery on hand. These low-calorie snacks will not only keep your hands busy, but they will steady your blood sugar and keep you from reaching for higher-calorie foods that could lead to weight gain.

Replace your pack of cigarettes with an electronic cigarette. Many former smokers have found success with these devices, which work by vaporizing a liquid that contains nicotine. When the user exhales, the cloud looks just like smoke, but it’s actually vapor. Using one of these devices can make it much easier to quit smoking, since it simulates the act so effectively.

Try eating healthy to combat any weight gain from quitting smoking. This can help balance out your system and avoid unnecessary weight gain. Keep in mind that quitting will make you hungry, so you may as well feed yourself something healthy.

Find another way to relax. Nicotine is a relaxant, so you need to find a substitute to lessen your stress. A massage or yoga is a really great way of relaxing, or you could try a warm bath, or listening to your favorite music. Whenever possible, try to stay away from anything stressful during the initial couple of weeks when you stop smoking.

If you are finding that you aren’t enjoying food and drinks as much as you used to, consider quitting smoking. Smoking can cause damage to the taste buds in your mouth, meaning that you don’t recognize tastes in the same way. If you quit, your taste buds will soon recuperate, meaning you will be able to enjoy your favorite meals once again.

It may seem impossible to quit smoking, but it is well worth the effort when it comes to the benefits it will offer. You should now feel confident in breaking the habit thanks to the ideas posted above. Give some of this advice a try today.

More Information about Electronic Cigarette Refills

When it comes to refilling smokeless cigarettes it is important to make sure that you have all the suitable tools for this task. The reason for this is to ensure that while you are working on the electronic cigarette refills you get the opportunity to do this  in the best way possible without having any E- juice pouring all over the place. The best tool to be used for this job is a syringe. A syringe will allow you to easily pour the E- juice directly into the cartridge filler for electronic cigarette refills with minimal efforts.

By using a syringe you will also be able to effectively take out any E-juice from its source bottle even if it is barely filling half the bottle. As you buy a syringe to be used for the electronic cigarette refills, as the consumer you also have the option of getting a syringe which is normally used for ink refills on your cartridge. This will work perfectly when it comes to electronic cigarette refills. The design of these syringes has been made in such a way to prevent any kind of accidents which may come about as a result of pricking your fingers. This is effectively done so since the needle is blunt and also wide.

Whenever you notice that the quantity of the E – juice in your smokeless cigarettes is running low you can immediately get online and place your order of E- juice. This way you will not have to spend so much time later on trying to get yourself the E-juice. Once you have the E- juice within your reach then the next step would be to start finding out the complete and proper process involved when it comes to the electronic cigarette refills.

The process used in electronic cigarette refills is quite simple at it begins with ensuring that the E-juice used on the smokeless cigarettes is available.

You can then go to a secluded place in your home in order to protect your children against coming into contact with Nicotine contained in your smokeless cigarettes. You can then take your syringe and draw out the E-juice which is then released from the syringe into the cartridge. During this point it is important to make sure you do not allow it to overflow. You can then keep the syringe and cover up the container from where the E-juice is stored and keep enjoying your smokeless cigarettes.

If you’re a smoker of smokeless cigarettes, visit E-Cigarette510.com to start buying all of your e-cig needs, such as electronic cigarette refills and also different kinds of e-juice in varying strengths and flavors. Right now you can get two free bottles of e-juice with qualifying purchase, so stop by today to see what offers are available!

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Skin Signs of Aging and What You Can Do About Them

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 23, 2007

Getting older. None of us can avoid it, but most of us would love to keep our aging a little bit more secret. “If you are over 30 years old and enjoy an active lifestyle, your skin is probably showing signs of damage,” says Joshua Fox, MD, founder of Advanced Dermatology and a spokesman for the American Academy of Dermatology.

Luckily, dermatologists can counter many of the more common signs of aging. In fact, many conditions can be improved substantially in only one visit.

Here are the top 5 signs of aging –and what you can do about them.

1. Photodamage:

This is the term given to the visible evidence of sun exposure. “The most common symptoms of photo damage are a coarsening of the skin’s texture, irregular pigmentation, and enlarged blood vessels and pores,” says Dr. Fox. “Picture a baby’s skin: smooth, plump, with perfectly even texture and color. That’s what you lose after spending years in the sun.”

The amount of photo aging you’ll develop depends on your skin color and your history of long-term or intense sun exposure. People with fair skin who have a history of sun exposure fare the worst. But even people who have never been beach babes can get into trouble. “Depending on your skin type, you might show evidence of serious sun damage, even if you never hung out at the pool or used a tanning bed,” Dr Fox says. Incidental exposure — the kind you get while driving your car or watching a baseball game –can expose you to a lot of UV rays over the course of your life.

Sun exposure can be blamed for freckles, spider veins, roughness, loose or “crepey” skin and blotchiness — changes are usually associated with chronologic aging and just make you look older than you are. When these changes start to appear on your face — as well as your neck and chest – you might want to do something about it.

The good news is that dermatologists now have several tools at their disposal to treat photo damaged skin and restore it close to its baby-like beauty.

“I’ve been very happy with the results we’ve had with our non ablative lasers (e.g. Vbeam, Smooth Beam etc)” says Dr. Fox. Like other nonablative lasers, the PhotoGenica works by focusing a beam of light to a target in the skin, such as an enlarged blood vessel or patch of irregular pigmentation, removing it without damaging the skin. But unlike other lasers and anti-aging treatments, it can treat a wide variety of skin types. And it gently penetrates the skin without affecting the outer layers, meaning there’s a much shorter healing time or none at all.

2. Age Spots:

We know that the sun causes 90 percent to 95 percent of the wrinkles, lines, and discolorations on our bodies, as per the American Academy of Dermatology. That’s why sun-exposed areas like the backs of the hands are most prone to these problems. And one of the biggest problems here: lentigines, also known as age spots, liver spots or sunspots.

To restore the even pigmentation of youthful hands, dermatologists can reach for a different type of laser, such as the Versapulse

Some Facts about E-Cigarettes

Considered as a revolutionary invention for all the smokers, e-cigarettes are better alternatives to the normal cigarettes. This device produces a nicotine-like vapor, which cuts down on the harm caused by normal cigarette and yet creating the same kind of experience.

Based on their functions, e-cigarettes are also known as electronic cigarettes or vapor cigarettes. These are devices that run on battery to produce vaporized solutions that can be nicotine or non-nicotine based. They are somewhat better replacement to the normal cigarettes as they give the smokers the same experience as smoking tobacco based cigarettes without making them compromise on their health. This arrangement should work fine for those smokers who cannot quit their habit.

E-cigarettes look like screwdrivers or ballpoint pens, but some models resemble a normal looking cigarette too. Various kinds of models are displayed on the Web. They come with a cartridge, which is a disposable piece of plastic that holds the nicotine flavored liquid solution; the atomizer, which vaporizes the solution; and electronics and battery to power the atomizer. The battery unit of these cigarettes is much bigger as compared to the main device. This battery needs to be charged as per your usage via USB chargers in cars, wall outlets or the recently introduced, Personal Charging Case.

The nicotine and the non-nicotine based solutions needed for the e-cigarettes are also known as e-juice or e-liquid that can be bought separately in the market. These solutions are available in numerous different flavors too. Even the batteries and the atomizers can be bought separately.

The health departments across nations had raised questions regarding the long-term effects on the consumers’ health if these e-cigarettes are used regularly. The American Association of Public Health Physicians support e-cigarettes believing that they would reduce the harmfulness of passive smoking that the normal tobacco ones generate. The World Health Organization thinks that this type of cigarettes cannot be the solution to quit smoking.

If you are totally addicted to the traditional cigarettes and think that you have tried every imaginable way to get out of the habit, then you could think about opting for E-cigarettes. A collective study of all the health reports related to this device confirm one thing that is it is still safer than the tobacco based ones. It would act as a safer alternative, while at the same time keeping the natural experience intact.


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Thinking About Quitting Smoking For The First Time? Try These Tips!

Are you one of the millions of people addicted to nicotine? Are you looking for a way to get rid of cigarette dependency in your life? If so, this article has many suggestions to help you on your way.

You do not have to stay addicted to cigarettes, the choice is yours.

When you decide to quit smoking, make sure to add plenty of fresh fruit to your diet. Your body will likely undergo some chemical changes when you stop smoking, often including a lowered blood glucose level. Healthy fruits can help to raise your blood glucose level to normal levels, keeping you healthy while you’re working toward quitting.

Improve your chances of successfully quitting by sharing your plan to quit with supportive loved ones and friends. The encouragement you receive can provide extra motivation during rough patches, and telling people about quitting will help you stay more accountable. Have a few people on stand-by whom you can call for distraction whenever you get a craving.

Quit smoking to make exercise easier. Smoking makes it difficult to breathe, meaning that you aren’t getting healthy levels of oxygen to your muscles and organs. This makes exercising much more difficult, which can lead to a life filled with ailments. When you quit, your lung capacity will soon improve, making that daily exercise goal, an easier one to achieve.

It is okay to use a nicotine replacement during the beginning stage of your smoking cessation program. Nicotine is highly addictive, and the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant. Nicotine gum or lozenges can prevent you from feeling short-tempered, moody and irritable and can be the difference between success and failure.

When you are trying to quit smoking, be sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Not only is water good for you, but it also fulfills the need to have something in your mouth. Also, large amounts of water help to clear out nicotine and other chemicals in your body caused by cigarettes.

Commit to quitting. Individuals who are able to successfully quit smoking commit themselves fully. They don’t have a back up plan, they don’t keep quitting a secret, and they don’t tell themselves that they will fail. If you make this type of commitment you will significantly increase your chances of successfully meeting your goal.

Nobody said that giving up cigarettes would be easy, but it is possible if you really want to.

Use the tips you have read to help you get started in your own personal plan. Today can be the day that you quit smoking and begin living without this painful addiction.