Wanting To Buy E Cigarettes? Five Things You Will Love About E cigs

Those who have been used to smoking tobacco cigarettes love the relaxing feeling they get each time they smoke. However, the smoking device is one of the many causes of serious illnesses. In fact, the chemicals from tobacco destroy billions of cells in the body. Hence, one may suffer from diseases and even death with long-term use of tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, the cigarettes … [Read more...]

News About Opening A Cigarette Store

If you are considering opening a new business, then one industry that you might want to venture into is the tobacco industry. There have been many new laws regarding cigarettes, but opening a cigarette store can surely be profitable as long as you know how to go about it the right way. One thing you should realize is that you don’t only have to carry name brand cigarettes in a … [Read more...]

Some Facts about E-Cigarettes

Considered as a revolutionary invention for all the smokers, e-cigarettes are better alternatives to the normal cigarettes. This device produces a nicotine-like vapor, which cuts down on the harm caused by normal cigarette and yet creating the same kind of experience. Based on their functions, e-cigarettes are also known as electronic cigarettes or vapor cigarettes. These are … [Read more...]

Electronic Cigarette ? Things You May Not Have Known About E Cigs

One thing I have noticed during the course of writing many articles about electronic cigarettes and then talking about them with friends and acquaintances is that there are still many, many people who still don't know what they are or that they even existed! So, for those that are still unfamiliar with e cigarettes, let's take a quick look at some of the basic facts and also … [Read more...]

E-cigs smokers in Australia briefed about accident

Ever since a 57-year-old father of three from Florida was hospitalized due to injuries caused by an exploding e cigarette, many regulatory agencies and health experts have doubted the safety of this electronic device which is popular in Australia and other countries. While there are many companies in Australia that are making and selling electronic cigarettes, the incident has … [Read more...]