Specialty E-Cigarette Stores Now Offer Fruity Flavored E-Liquid

Vaping just became tastier, as e-cigarette manufacturers and stores now supply flavorful e-liquid that vapers can choose from. On top of that, cigarette accessories will also be offered on websites that sell off these types of products.

Many e-cigarette vapers are going to be thrilled to learn that cigarette flavors right now are certainly not restricted to the standard tobacco and menthol flavors. E cigarette enthusiasts now have the option to purchase e-liquid with their e-cigarettes accessories. People that buy e-cigarettes can purchase this product in bars, retail stores, and also online stores that specialize on these kinds of products.

E-cigarettes have become popular at the moment as a result of cigarette smoking bans which are implemented in most states. Bans are enforced in bars, casinos, dining establishments, or at any other enclosed public spaces, rendering it imperative for many who cannot get through the day without getting their nicotine fix to consider smoke-free alternatives. The alternative eventually came in the form of electronic cigarettes, where previous smokers “vape” an e-cigarette.

This smoke-free and odor-free option is a great method for cigarette users to continue “smoking.” This product permits cigarette users to inhale nicotine in its vaporized form by using an e-liquid. Buyers can purchase regular tobacco or menthol flavors. Those who are looking for a specific brand’s flavour, like Marlboro or State Express 555 can purchase these flavors from stores that offer these.

Fans of tobacco can purchase French pipe, and also a Virginia tobacco flavour. Those that desire to deviate from the norm can purchase exotic and fruity flavors like hazelnut, apple, banana, blueberry, and cherry. Strawberry and peach flavors are offered also.

Chocolate, coffee, and cola fans can not only get their caffeine but their nicotine fix too, as these flavors are obtainable from specialty stores in the US. Those that want a hint of liqueur on the e-cigarettes also can purchase an amaretto-flavored e-liquid. Cigarette users may add a hint of sweetness if they vape an e-cigarette with vanilla being one of the best-selling flavors.

Shoppers who buy e-cigarettes also have the option to purchase cigarette accessories. Extras such as a USB passthrough device can be purchased on the internet. Vapers can use this product while using their pcs or laptops. This product may also be used in a vehicle.

For vapers, taking their kits with them on a regular basis is essential. That’s why specialty shops are actually selling adapters and chargers that clients can purchase along with a stylish and protective carrying case.

Those that want to mix e-liquid flavors can do so, as mixer bottles are actually available in retail and online stores where vapers can buy e-cigarettes. These containers are water-proof and now have level markings so customers can control the amount of each flavor that they use.

Those who buy e-cigarettes should not think this as a healthier and safer alternative. These devices still have a specific amount of nicotine, which is still bad for health. On the other hand, the use of e-cigarettes reduces the risk of second-hand smoke, as well as the risks for certain types of cancer. Since cigarettes are heavily taxed, vaping has also become a cheaper replacement for the real thing. Overall, this is an excellent method of getting that nicotine fix without all the ash and odor that cigarette users get when they smoke. 

The author is a consumer of e-cigarettes who knows the perfect sites to buy e cigarette from, and also e-liquid. Smokers who want to know how they can buy e cigarette and e-liquid can take phone sites that specialize in these.

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all this is nicotine free e cigarette, so now smoke only this and be healthy and live better tension free healthy life.

What brand of e-cigarette would you recommend?

Question by papervoices: What brand of e-cigarette would you recommend?
So I’ve been wanting to try e-cigarettes and was wondering if you guys could recommend a good brand that’s not too expensive. There seems to be a lot of brands out there and I just don’t know what to choose :( Also, maybe you could shed some light on what the difference is between manual and automatic batteries and which is better. Thanks so much in advance, y’all!

Best answer:

Answer by Paul B
Foos. Get the one with the replaceable cartridge, they look like a cigarette and glow green. The whole kit is 10 bucks, gives you a cartridge, vaporizer (rechargeable), and USB charger. Replacement cartridges are 2 for 5 bucks and come in a bunch of flavors. Long-lasting too. One cartridge lasts me about as long as a pack of cigarettes.

Only problem with e-cigarettes is you don't know when to stop. A cigarette ends, where electronic ones don't, so you may end up getting more nicotine than you intended. Its great for work though, take a quick puff and stick it back in your pocket.

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What brand of e-cigarette is best and where can I buy them?????

Question by kayla: What brand of e-cigarette is best and where can I buy them?????
I’m looking to buy my parents e-cigarettes in hopes that it will help them to stop smoking regular cigarettes. I know nothing at all about the brands or prices and was wondering if someone could help me out with some helpful information :) Please and thank you!
Dumb comments from ignorant people are not needed :)

Best answer:

Answer by J
‘The Tobacco Shop’–chain store–sells the rechargeable brand called ‘Freedom’. I just bought this kit for $ 42.39 (that included tax). I am satisfied, so far, with the product.
The good thing about this store & this brand is that you can take it back to the store if you have problems with the product. You don’t have to deal with the manufacturer. Actually, that’s what sold me on this brand. The other brands, the store gave no guarantee.
The Freedom brand is made specifically for ‘The Tobacco Shop’ chain stores.
The kit comes with a wall charger, a computer charger, 2 cigarettes & a 6-pack of filters (they call these ‘atomizers’) of your choice (regular, menthol, light, ultra-light or no-tobacco).
It has a 3 or 6 month guarantee–can’t remember which. But like I said, you just take it back to the store, no manufacturers to try to get ahold of.
Each atomizer is suppose to be equivalent to about 3.5 packs of cigarettes. And the 6-pack of atomizers cost $ 10.
Personally, I really like the e-cigs in theory, but getting the right brand is the key. I tried the disposable ‘Tsunami’ brand & the thing broke after 6 puffs!
I still have 5 packs of regular cigs in the freezer, but I haven’t touched them since started on e-cigs.
Oh, another thing I would like to mention is that the ‘Freedom’ brand has many choices of nicotine levels to choose from–including ‘no tobacco’. So one can slowly go down the levels without having to buy a new kit, battery, charger, etc. All atomizers are interchangeable.
Like I said, I just started on e-cigs & I really like them. I went to a restaurant yesterday & they let us smoke our e-cigs in the restaurant! Here in Michigan, we’ve become a non-smoking state.
I hope I helped you out some–with my very limited knowledge of the subject.
Now I would like to say that some people do not like the e-cigs. My friend only uses her when in areas where there’s no smoking allowed. She said she ‘just can’t get into it’. But her husband allows her to smoke in the house & car, whereas mine doesn’t. Maybe it’s a ‘necessity’ thing.
Good luck!

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