The health Risks of Smoking

The health risks of smoking—where should we start? The list of risks associated with smoking cigarettes is seemingly endless with death at the top of the list. Yes, millions have died because of the adverse effects of tobacco cigarettes. This is the primary reason for the surge of attacks and lawsuits against the tobacco industry in the past decade or so. Despite the risk there … [Read more...]

Getting That Nicotine High Minus The Risks

Once a smoker, always a smoker. A smoker will always find a way to get around a smoking ban or the cancer scare. Fortunately, smokers have the advancement in technology on their side, so that they can now enjoy a good puff without angering environmentalists, anti-smoking advocates and cigarette-ban enforcers. We are talking about Electronic Cigarettes. How do they work? … [Read more...]

Smokeless Cigarettes Involve No Health Risks

You must have heard of e-smoking? Do you know what it actually means? Since everything in the modern world is going ‘e’ – like emails and e-language and so on, then why not smoking? E-smoking refers to the use of smokeless cigarettes. Smokeless cigarettes, as opposed to the conventional cigarettes, do not yield any smoke. Although, in taste, smell and feel they are much like … [Read more...]

E cigarettes has reduce health risks

In many parts of United States the e cigarette has change the way of living among the people they have maintain a healthy life for all the human being and have given a better way of smoking. The purpose of the guide and cigarette fame is an opportunity to cheat your way out of smoking with harmful outcomes. These c cigs are also use in the public areas also. The e cigarette … [Read more...]