Offers Valuable Tips for Fire Prevention at Home

(PRWEB) November 21, 2012

Home insurance is there for protection; but homeowners should still take steps to prevent a fire. Fire prevention at home is an important matter and requires some attention to safety practices as well as to maintenance of certain systems in the home. Homeowners can protect their home and everything in it from the danger of a fire by following these steps on a regular basis. Many home fires are avoidable, says Tammy Ezer of, and homeowners can reduce their risk greatly with a little effort.

Use Caution with Fireplaces and Candles

Many home fires are the result of careless use of fireplaces or of candles being knocked over. Never leave a fire burning unattended in a fireplace, and make sure the fire is out before going to bed in the evening. Keep anything flammable away from the hearth area, including kindling, paper, and fabrics. Keep fireplace gates or curtains closed at all times when a fire is burning. Be sure to have the chimney cleaned regularly by a professional to prevent potential fires in the chimney itself.

Candles should likewise never be left burning unattended. Never leave candles where they might be knocked over by pets or children. Choose light bulb powered scented warmers in the place of scented candles to further reduce the risk of a fire.

Maintain Wiring and Electrical Appliances

Faulty wiring can cause fires quickly and undetectably, so its important to have wiring inspected especially in an older home and to do all updates as needed to bring the electrical system up to code. Watch for any signs of a problem with electrical outlets such as loose plugs or sparks. Never overload an electrical outlet with too many items plugged in at once.

Its also important to watch electrical appliances and fixtures for signs of a problem in their wiring. Flickering lights in light fixtures or lights that fail to come on even with fresh bulbs may have a wiring problem. Have them inspected by an electrician and replaced if necessary.

Watch for Common Fire Hazards

Use caution around any source of heat or flame. Keep towels, oven mitts, and other flammable items away from the stove top at all times. Dont store flammable items such as oily rags or gasoline near any source of flame including a gas furnace in the garage or basement.

Matches and lighters should always be stored in a safe place well out of reach of children. Dont count on child-resistant lighters to keep a child from producing a flame from a lighter. Use caution when smoking in any home, and make certain that cigarette butts are fully extinguished. Do not smoke in bed, and if possible keep smoking outside of the home.

It takes only a spark to start a fire that could destroy an entire home, and fires spread quickly. Following simple fire prevention techniques greatly reduces the risk and can save both property and lives.

Its also important to make sure youre protected in the event of an accident. Compare home insurance quotes easily to find the right policy for your home.

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