E-Cig Review (V2, Blu, and Besteciggy)

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The world of smoking was changed forever with the introduction of the E Cig. It has been called nice things like “the next generation of smoking”. Manufacturers also claim it can help a person quit smoking, and still smoke.

The E Cig uses liquid nicotine cartridges and an electric vaporizer. A small battery inside the body of the E Cig heats a coil inside of it that turns the liquid nicotine into nicotine vapor. So smokers get the nicotine they crave, without all the harmful additions that came with smoking tobacco.

There are many obvious advantages to the E Cigarette.

Smoking tobacco can seriously damage the lungs and cause many other major health complications. The E Cig has no tobacco in it at all, so it doesn't contain the ingredients found in a traditional smoke that might harm or damage the lungs.

All that comes out of the E Cigarette is vapor that quickly disappears.

Many smokers find that smoking has become so habitual that they cannot function without a cigarette nearby. The E Cig can provide these people with a safer alternative than the pack a day habit that many smokers admit to.

As a smoking cessation device, the E Cig has many promising possibilities, as long as the person wants to quit, and can get the help they need.

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  1. LukeOrt0987 says

    The reason you have to refill your artimizor is because you take a LONG drag lol! Your friend probably does not.. But y’all have y’all way of vaping lol just saying

  2. jake1123581321 says

    15% off v2 kits, use coupon code 1120870 ..it helps us both save money

  3. TradingHosts says

    Good video,long and boring but really good. Ima go with V2, il use your code :)

  4. SteveSGobs says

    didnt know you made e cig videos steve-o, happy you are doing something productive.

  5. DiamondDJandSound says

    Ha, I will. To answer your question, no, I haven’t tried the Starfire brand. In part 3 of my video reviews I talk about the Volt, and that has been my go-to main electronic cigarette since then. For 2.99 a month to maintain, it has been the best overall choice and I haven’t looked back since.


    by the way: Did you tried the starfire cigs, if you do I’ll be happy to use your promo code. Or do you know any honest (like you) review about it.

    If you don’t it looks like blucigs but with good battery as they claim.

    Thanks again and say hi to hamlet


    Hello, i’ve just used you promo code for ordering v2 ultimate kit. Thank you

  8. David D says

    Hey diamonddjandsound just wanted to update you on the batteries for Blu E-cig. I got blu e-cig a year ago and the batteries were very sensitive. Recently I had lost a battery and knew one battery wasn’t gonna cut it. I bought another kit so now I got 3 batteries (2new batteries) I must say the new batteries are not as sensitive and think that if they updated that part then they might have updated the other cons u had noted. Never been burnt by em or non working battery.

  9. youwouldntknoww says

    Great video bro. I’ve been searching everywhere for a good actual review comparing e cigs. This is the best one by far.

  10. DiamondDJandSound says

    Hey right back, man! Congratulations on making the choice you have. It is not the agony it once was, before e-cigs were there for us to help us quit. I’m right there with you, Marlboro was my brand for 15 years too. I have a year, 2 months, 11 days without a single cigarette when NOTHING helped me in the past. Make up your mind to be as strong as you’d need to be without any help, and with the e-cig – you’ll be just fine. Enjoy your new V2! Congrats, you’re sitting at the winner’s table now.

  11. dubside6801 says

    Hey nice review bro, Iv tried a few different e ciggs and was looking for something to help me stop smoking, I smoke marboro reds and after your review I was like I’m going to try the v2 starter kit cause it seems it may help, so thanks for the review and im a use your promo code if thats cool, I been using the blue e cigg for like 6 months off and on and your right about the battery life on those, they suck, plus its just not strong enough to get my mind off of my marboros. So thanks man !

  12. ECigConsumerReviews says

    I just puff until I feel satisfied and then put it down. Many companies inflate their numbers when it comes to how many puffs you get off their cartomizer. That’s why we do what we do. We test them and report their performance. Check out our website. The link is in the info below the video. :-)

  13. SHEEITSON says

    Not a bad idea. I know companies say that a cart will last a pack, but I’ve gone through more than one in a day because I would stay smoking one for a long time without an indication of when to stop.

  14. jamie smither says

    They should design a battery that gives you a notification (emits light vibration, something) when you have smoked the equivalent of one analog cigarette (15 puffs, etc.). Otherwise, people like me can keep smoking the hell out of one nonstop. I just think that would be a nice feature for analog smokers switching to electronic.

  15. Raimundo Quattrochi says

    I have been watching your videos. Thank you for the great info. I have been buying the disposable brands, to see of this would work for me and I enjoy it. I have used 3 brands. Finiti, which I did not care for, Blu which was a little better, and now a brand called Puf, which is the best disposable I have found so far. My question is between the Apollo and the V2, which would you say is the better buy? I am a menthol smoker. Thank you in advance and keep these videos coming please.

  16. ECigConsumerReviews says

    Our top 3 rated ecigarettes on our website are the best prefilled cartomizer brands out there overall for performance and quality. We are 100% confident of that. We know because we’ve used them and tested them all extensively….. Unlike other sites that throw info up with company-generated pictures and such without ever even having actually tested and recorded info on the product.

    Tru-dat. ;-)

  17. ECigConsumerReviews says

    Ah, the age old question… “What is the best ecig?”. Well, if you are to ask my opinion…. obviously I’m going to tell you that it’s Green Smoke for me. But… everyone has certain qualities in an ecig that are most important to them. This isn’t wiggling out of the question, it’s actually a true fact.

    Some focus on massive vapor, some on throat kick, some like a smooth draw, some want a lighter hit, some are fussy about flavors.

    So you can see that it’s all subjective to the user. ;-)

  18. ECigConsumerReviews says

    Yup, v2 is pretty good…. for like the first 40-50 puffs. v2 just needs to pump some ecig viagra into their product. It just doesn’t have the staying power. Gnome sayin?

    And you’re welcome! Glad we could be of service :-)

  19. Justin Coppett says

    I am new to E-cigs (about 2 months), and I have to agree with your review 100%. I would like to emphasize 2 points that anyone considering the V2 should consider. The first is the nicotine hit is AWESOME. V2 is the first out of 8 companies tried that had the nicotine hit like a real cig. The second is I totally agree with the previous comment about the usb power cig that connects to your computer. The battery life is not great, but with the connection I have NO problems. Thanks & GR8 Review

  20. jake1123581321 says

    15% off v2 kits, use coupon code 1120870 ..it helps us both save money